Whether you celebrate or not, Valentine’s Day often comes with an onslaught of candy. From your coworkers, your kids’ classmates, your sweetie, best friends – by day’s end, you’ve probably amassed quite the stash of sugary goodies. While it’s all well and good to enjoy a few pieces straight from their wrappers, there will likely come a time when you just can’t eat one more piece. So what do you do? Repurpose it of course! I’ve made plenty of leftover candy brownies in my past, whipping together a batch of my favorite recipe, and folding in whatever confections I have on hand. But there are lots of other fun ideas floating around the web… read on for a few of my favorites!

Got lots of extra chocolate? Studio DIY has a great little post on Five Things to do with Leftover Chocolate. My personal favorite? Chocolate pop tarts!

Baking Bites also has a nice tutorial on How to Melt Chocolate, which you can then use for dipping all of your favorite things — strawberries, marshmallows, pretzels — anything you’d like! This is a fun and easy project, and a delicious way to repurpose plain chocolate.

Babble has more re-purposed confection ideas – Five Ways to Transform Leftover Valentine’s Candy – including recipes for Candy Bar Brownies and Candy-Stuffed Cookies. YUM.

In the course of eating , baking with, or otherwise repurposing your leftover candy, there’s bound to be lots of waste generated in the form of candy wrappers. Treehugger has a program for collecting those wrappers and re-using them, so that they don’t get added to the junk in landfills. Their article, Upcycle Leftover Valentine’s Day Candy Wrappers and Donate to Charity at the Same Time, outlines the steps you can take to be eco-conscious about your candy consumption, and also how that can benefit the charity of your choice. That sounds like the most sweet idea of all!

Photo credit: Studio DIY