Grow and Make


Founded in Portland, Oregon in 2008 by Will Johnston, Grow and Make was created to provide an alternative to consumers looking for ways to grow and make more of what they consume.

Get to Know the Maker

Grow and Make has been developing kits for do-it-yourself for many years and they believe they have something for everyone. They are committed to providing the best selection of high quality, sustainable kits for DIY and crafting. They are focused on providing kits to help people simplify their lives and create their own distinctive, signature styles.

Grow and Make celebrates the importance of learning and hopes to cultivate a culture of empowerment. They therefore provide educational materials on their website that focus on taking charge of living a greener lifestyle, like the video to the left.

You can check out their Library of Sustainability for more resources, and don’t forget that Tisinal has its own Learning Hub as well.


Grow and Make was founded with a goal of building a business which both promoted and provided sustainability in its products and business practices. While it’s not possible for any company to be 100% sustainable, it is possible to give consideration to it in all of your decision making. Grow and Make follows these practices:

  • Grow and Make Artisan Picture 1They purchase organic whenever possible.
  • They ship in recyclable boxes.
  • They use soy based inks whenever possible.
  • They pay livable wages.
  • They use kraft boxes without any inks or bleaches.
  • They do not use styrofoam packaging.
  • Their kits use reusable materials.
  • They recycle in their production process and use a sustainable energy provider.

Their team is made up of Product, Content, and Community Manager Ananda Floyd, Operations Manager Jessica Davis, Marketing Manager Sarah Armstrong, Account and Sales Manager Jena Nesbit, Warehouse Manager Gabe Forta, and their founder and General Manager, Will Johnston.