1. Shipping

How are shipping costs calculated?

Shipping charges are based on a flat rate per order total.

  • Example: If you order subtotal is $56 you are charged $12.50 for shipping

Please refer to the chart below for shipping rates.

Standard: 4-7 Business Days2 day: Standard rate + $10Overnight: Standard rate + $20
StandardShipping Price2 dayShipping PriceOvernightShipping Price
0 – $25$7.500 – $25$17.500 – $25$27.50
$25 – $40$10.00$25 – $40$20.00$25 – $40$30.00
$40 – $80$12.50$40 – $80$22.50$40 – $80$32.50
$80 – $150$15$80 – $150$25.00$80 – $150$35.00
over $15011% of the order totalover $15020% of the total orderover $15030% of the total order

When will my order arrive?

All orders arrive after the order is processed by the Maker, and then shipped by the Maker with the postage that you purchased. Example:
On Nov 1st a customer orders a DIY Kit from Grow and Make with Standard Shipping. In the shipping tab of the Grow and Make product page it is listed that it takes 1-2 days to process an order. Two days later, on Nov 3rd the package is shipped and will arrive within 4-7 business days (based on the chart above). Please note that most Standard Rate packages arrive within 3 days of their shipment, but i can take up to 7.

Are there any other costs? 

All perishable items incur an additional charge of $5 to guarantee perfect arrival. This might include specially insulated shippers and ice-gel packs to keep items cool until arrival. We cannot ship perishable items outside the contiguous 48 states.

Where will my products ship from?

We use a method called drop-shipping, which means that instead of having a warehouse where we hold our inventory, our artisans keep their own inventory and send products directly to you when you order them. This eliminates an extra shipping stage and also allows the artisans to retain more profit.

How will my product(s) be shipped to me?

Products will be shipped directly from the artisan to you via UPS, USPS, & Fedex.

2. Shopping for a Cause

How do I donate part of the profit from my order to a nonprofit?

During Checkout customers are prompted to choose a charitable cause. 25% of the gross profit (profit the remains after we pay our makers what they are owed for making their delicious products that were sold) will be donated to the charitable cause selected.

Can I write in the name of any nonprofit that I’d like to receive 25% of the gross profit from my purchases?

Only our affiliated nonprofit partners can be chosen from the drop down list or identified with a specific nonprofit participation code. If a shopper writes in the name of an unaffiliated nonprofit, we will contact that shopper and ask them to pick a nonprofit from our list to designate the donation to.

3. Actual Donations

How much money is actually going to the nonprofits?

Example – $100 purchase. An average of 60% of the purchase price goes to the Maker as the cost of goods sold. Gross Profit ($100 – $60) = $40.
25% of $40 = $10. That is the exact amount given to the chosen nonprofit. Cost of shipping is not added to the purchase price calculation.
The remaining amount is used to pay for Tisinal’s operating expenses.

4. Vendors and Products

Do you take suggestions for new makers or vendors?

Yes! Please give us your suggestions via our contact page.

Does Tisinal only sell specific types of food products?

When we are looking to add new makers and products to our site, there are certain characteristics we look for in order for an artisan to be eligible. Tisinal aims to promote diversity and economic development, so we welcome vendors that come from a variety of backgrounds. We’re especially excited about on-boarding businesses based in areas where small business is key to economic revitalization.

We also look for unique, gourmet food products that are created from organic, sustainably produced, non-GMO, locally sourced and fairtrade ingredients. Not all of our products will be all of these things, given the specific circumstances of each maker, but we hope to feature products that exhibit as many of these characteristics as possible.

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