Jessica Dennis

Jessica Dennis is a food-lover, blogger, and Boston native who explains her experiences living a gluten-free lifestyle in her blog Gluten Free Boston Girl.

Carrie Forrest

Carrie Forrest has a masters degree in public health nutrition and is the author of the food and wellness blog, Carrie On Living.

Natalie Perry

Perry’s Plate is Natalie’s personal blog about her and her families progression to a mostly paleo lifestyle.

Terence Rogers

Terence is the head chef and owner of TBD Foods – a Boston based pop-up dinner club and personal dining and catering company.

Renee Sharoff

Renee is the co-founder of the Gathering Magazine, and chef/owner of Blonde On The Run Catering. She is a graduate of the Connecticut Culinary Institute.

Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson creates healthy recipes for her blog, True Food Movement. She is passionate about teaming physical exercise with healthy, responsible eating habits.

Sharon Bishop

Sharon runs a blog Plated with Style, a Boston based blog dedicated to eating and living well. On her blog you can find restaurant reviews, recipes, travel stories and more!

Andris Lagsdin & Craig Hastings

Andris is the creator of the The Baking Steel pizza stone. Craig is a chef formerly of The Kirkland Tap & Trotter, and current Culinary Director of the Baking Steel Test Kitchen.