Tisinal Co-founder Jonah Rapino scours the US local food scene in order to find the newest, tastiest, most unique, and sustainably made foods possible.

Jonah is a well traveled foodie that has sampled amazing foods from various cultures and traditions around the world. He is also committed to eating sustainably by frequenting farmers markets, supporting local farmers by purchasing a CSA share every summer, and being an active community gardener.

Tisinal is a for-profit business with a social mission — to provide US based nonprofits a new source of financial support generated by the sale of eco-friendly foods and food gifts through our e-market.

25% of the profit from every purchase goes to a charity. Please visit our Shop For A Cause page to find out who you can support by eating well and doing good!

Tisinal’s mission was inspired by a plot of land the Rapino Family donated to “Toledo Grows,” the Toledo Botanical Garden’s nonprofit community garden outreach program. Toledo Grows serves over 165 different community-based gardens in the City of Toledo and throughout Northwest Ohio.

Nick Zeburla, the founder of Toledo Grows and an old family friend of the Rapino’s, was struggling to find a new source of revenue for his nonprofit so he could focus more of his energy working on the actual mission of his nonprofit. Light bulb moment! If Toledo Grows has this problem, there are probably many more nonprofit’s that have the same problem.

Through the interaction with “Toledo Grows,” co-founders Norman and Jonah Rapino realized that there are many nonprofit organizations that are looking for new sources of funding in the face of dwindling government grants and local foundation support.

By offering our customers the opportunity to Shop for a Cause, we are able to fulfill our mission of helping nonprofits maintain and grow their socially beneficial programs.

Tisinal is incorporated as a L3C or low profit limited liability company. “The primary purpose of the L3C is not to earn a profit, but to achieve a socially beneficial objective, with profit a secondary goal.” Ray Dinning, JD, LLM

Our Team

GG Team Jonah Rapino HeadshotJonah Rapino: Co-founder and CEO. Jonah graduated from Boston University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in 1997. He is an internationally renowned musician, ferocious foodie, and passionate advocate for sustainable living. Prior to creating Tisinal, he made his living composing music for documentary and narrative film and running DME, a successful performing arts group that toured the world performing live music for silent film.


GG Team Norm Rapino HeadshotNorm Rapino: Co-founder. Norm earned a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Toledo in 1971 and an MBA in Marketing from the University of Toledo in 1976. He is a member of Core Network, Ohio Tech Angels and Angel Capital Association. He has worked as a technology, marketing and business owner and has over forty years of experience as a serial entrepreneur and CEO. Several of his ventures scaled to over fifty employees, operating in up to five states simultaneously.